Elmo is a furry, red monster as part of the Sesame Street franchise that joined Kelly and Chica on the Sunny Side Up Show on the week of Christmas 2010, which was an idea from an interview with his puppeteer Clash, which Chica and Harding made a brief appearance. His first appearance was at 9:45 AM CT. First, he helped them make little mini-bell bracelets and they sang Jingle Bells, but they did not want Kelly to sing the "laughing all the way" part. Next, Elmo and Chica decided to do a performance of "The 5 Days of Christmas", a shorter version of "Twelve Days of Christmas" with Patty and the finger rats from the Sharing Show, which all included the original song gifts (the partridge, the doves, the hens, the birds, and the rings), and then they were back to play "Drawing with Chica", remade as "Drawing with Chica and Elmo" because he was still there to play, which was a drawing version of Hangman, which Kelly was told to draw a Christmas tree (with 5 ornaments, a zigzag line, a branch and a star on the top). He wasn't seen or found during the birthday segment before it could end with Caillou.

He rejoined the Christmas edition with Liz and Chica on the week of Christmas 2011, and rejoined the new 2015 edition during the day of the Furchester Hotel premiere (which was at 9am when it started) along with Cookie Monster.