Kipper is a British animated children's series produced
by HIT Entertainment and based on the book series by Mick Inkpen. The show features Kipper, a warm-hearted and friendly dog and the adventures he has with his friends. Kipper aired from September 5th 1997 until December 15th 2000 during it's original run in the United Kingdom on CITV, and lasted for about a year on Nick Jr. in the United States. Ever since, the show has been aired in reruns on Noggin (1999 to September 19th 2010) and PBS Kids Sprout (September 26th 2005 to July 15th 2015).

Plot Edit

An average episode of Kipper usually has a simple plotline, such as going to the seaside, camping, or playing a round of mini golf. Some episodes, however, are a bit more imaginative (exp: The Rainbow Puddle, The Magic Lamp). Episodes usually star around Kipper (seeing as he's the main character), but other episodes like Tiger's Rocket and Arnold's Drum focus on other characters.

Characters Edit

Kipper (voiced by Martin Clunes): The main character of the show. He's kind, curious, and light-hearted, and never selfish. Kipper's design appears to be based on a beagle. He wishes to be an adult.

Tiger (voiced by Chris Lang): Kipper's best friend. He is more wise than Kipper, and can be a bit smug at times. Tiger is likely portrayed after a Scottish Terrier breed.

Mouse (voiced by Emma Tate): is a mouse who plays minor role in The Show.

Theme Song Lyrics Edit

They call him Kipper

Kipper the dog.

The dog with a slipper

Kipper the dog. (By the way, that's a toad, not a frog.)

And he can do this!

Do you think that you could?

And he can do that, which is more than any other cat could.

Would you like a dog?

Like a dog, like a dog

Like a dog like Kipper.

That's Kipper the dog.

Now that's a frog. 

Kipper the Dog (Theme Song) HD

Kipper the Dog (Theme Song) HD

Hear it to help you.

Trivia/Goofs Edit

  • Chris Lang does the voice for practically every character on the show, except for Kipper and Mouse.